Baby Shower Etiquette: Navigating the Dos and Don’ts

Hey there, soon-to-be shower planner! Whether you’re the sister, best friend, or chosen confidant of the mom-to-be, you’ve got the exciting task of organizing the perfect baby shower.

Don’t worry—we’ve got your back with some straightforward tips to make planning a breeze.

Let’s dive in!

DO – Get the Inside Scoop from the Mom-To-Be:

Collaborating with mom-to-be is the most important step in planning a baby shower. Find out her vision for the shower, including any themes or preferences she may have. Whether she’s dreaming of a specific theme or has strong opinions on colors and decorations, her input will ensure the celebration reflects her style and personality. After all, this is her special event.


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DO – Plan Ahead:

Choose a date that falls two to three months before her expected due date so she can fully enjoy the celebration without feeling too uncomfortable or overwhelmed as her pregnancy progresses. This also allows plenty of time to unpack all the gifts and start nesting! 

If you have a mom-to-be that wants to be surprised (you know the ones that want to wait until the baby is born to know the gender!), she likely will still want to be dressed appropriately for her special day.  An easy way to get her ready without spoiling the surprise is to tell her you are gifting her a maternity photo shoot! Here at Grazina, we are in a turn-of-the-century mill building which also happens to be the home of several local photographers, making this the easiest cover story ever! Give her the name and address of the photographer to really keep it under wraps and maybe as an extra bonus, hire a photographer for an hour or two to be at the shower to capture her reaction as she enters! Professional photos are always an amazing gift! 

DO— Ask About Gift Preferences

These days whether the guest of honor opens gifts or not is about 50/50. With so many larger baby items, oftentimes they get shipped directly to the house to make life easier. Having a Display Shower for gifts is one option to keep this formality simple. Clever language is included in the invitation to ask guests to not wrap the gifts such as, “Your thoughtful gift will be put on display, so there’s no need to wrap it in any way.” Or you can help start baby’s library with, “One little request we hope it’s not hard, please bring a book instead of a card. By signing your book we will remember and share, your special gift even when you are not there.” Check out some of our favorites from Zazzle on Pinterest. 

Pro-Tip: Purchase matching thank-you cards when ordering invitations. This way, they won’t have to stress about finding them later. You can also consider including stamps and return address labels to go the extra mile!


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DON’T – Let the Shower Go Too Long:

With all the planning and thought that went into the shower, you should be congratulated! There are so many details that went into it, that you might be tempted to extend the party to enjoy the day. After hosting hundreds and hundreds of showers, we are here to tell you that three hours or less is the right amount of time for a baby shower. Anything longer and you are asking a lot of your guests (especially those that might have traveled a bit to get there), not to mention the mom-to-be that likely gets tired easily now! Our formula works perfectly–welcome your guests upon arrival with a signature mocktial or cocktail. Guests can socialize for 45 minutes and then serve the meal. Right before eating, explain any games, raffles or activities that you have planned. Enjoy a leisurely brunch. Once your guests have eaten their fill, have the person in charge lead the group in any activities planned. If opening gifts, serve dessert and coffee during this time to give your guests something to do. Lastly, thank all your guests for coming right before that three hour mark. No one likes to be the first to leave and this is a great segue to get the good-byes started (which might take a bit).  Let Mom sit back, relax, and enjoy the event by offering some structure. 

To wrap things up, remember to consider Mom-to-Be’s preferences, help keep the event on schedule, and, most importantly, have fun celebrating this special milestone together. 

And if you are the one planning the baby shower and need a venue, food, furniture, decor, and more, be sure to check out our one-stop shop for shower services. Learn more here!

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