The Best Baby Shower Gifts for When There Is Nothing Left on the Registry

Uh-oh! You’ve waited too long to check the registry for a gift, and now all the best gifts are taken. What’s left either doesn’t fit your budget or consists of random small items like pacifiers and bottle brushes. However, don’t panic.

In this blog, we will share some alternative gift ideas that any mom will love that are not on her registry.

Daytime Essentials

Okay, I’d love to tell you to go all out on those precious infant-sized dresses, but the truth is, most moms go for comfy and cozy outfits, especially in those first few months. Babies are all about comfort (and, let’s face it, spit-ups and blowouts). If you really want to buy that gorgeous outfit, go for a size 6 months and up. By then, mom will probably have loads of newborn clothes and not so much for later. It’s thoughtful and practical!

Baby shower clothes

Bath Time Basics

Soft, absorbent towels are the best choice, and one baby can never have too many. Babies are super sensitive to temperature, so having something warm and cozy to wrap them up in after a bath is a must. Think of it as giving the gift of baby snuggles!

Bedtime Necessities

Here’s a game-changer: pajamas with zippers. Seriously, zippers are a new parent’s best friend. With all the diaper changes, especially those middle-of-the-night ones, zippers save so much time and sanity. Pajama dresses are also a great idea—they make diaper changes a breeze, and remember to buy a size a few months up so the baby has something to wear as they grow.


Mom standing holding her stomach
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For the Mom

Baby showers are usually all about the baby, but let’s not forget the mom-to-be! She’s just spent almost 10 months growing a human, and she deserves something special too. A gift card to her favorite local nail salon or spa for some post-partum pampering is a perfect way to say, “This is just for you.” She’ll appreciate the chance to take a little time for herself!


For the Whole Family
Here’s a pro tip: think ahead and get them a gift card for local food or a food delivery service. After the baby is born, the new parents will be tired and hungry, and the last thing they’ll want to do is grocery shop or cook. A gift card for hot meals or frozen ones that can be easily heated up will be a lifesaver. Think nourishing, delicious, and easy to prep—like frozen soups with warm bread. Yum!

So there you have it!

Practical, thoughtful, and super helpful gifts that any new mom will appreciate.

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