Little Bird Events is now Grazina Event Space

Over the past year, we have spent a great number of hours in the new design and launching of our second space. Located adjacent to the original space, we now have the opportunity to double our event capacity from 80 to 160. We have added new kitchen space, a designated bar area, more bathrooms and industrial design elements that complement and enhance both spaces. When we completed everything in April, we felt that Little Bird needed a facelift.

We are very happy to announce the renaming and rebranding of Little Bird Events to Grazina Event Space. Growing up in a Lithuanian household, the name Grazina seemed perfect to complement, Little Bird. Holding on to the original “little bird” concept, it has transformed into something more “beautiful”. Think of Grazina as the same chic, industrial event space with more event opportunities.

“Gražina is a Lithuanian feminine given name. The name was created by the Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz for the main character of his 1823 poem Grażyna. The name is derived from the Lithuanian adjective gražus, meaning “pretty”, “beautiful”. In Lithuanian tradition, the name day for Gražina is September 26.”

The idea for rebranding came with a digital grant through Neponset River Regional Chamber of Commerce. As part of the grant, we worked with Kerry Aglugub of KMA Web Design and Tricia White of T. White Creations to create and launch a new website, marketing strategies and rebranding. We want to thank them for all their help in launching our newly designed space.

Watch for our ribbon cutting and re-opening celebration in September 2023 along with more workshops, dance parties and FUN!