Ideas for a Non-Traditional Wedding

If the pandemic taught us anything, we learned to survive in very non-traditional ways. From work and school, to the way we celebrated events, adhering to the norm was anything but normal.

But, what if you aren’t that “traditional” type? Maybe you are tired of the same-old approach to the way we celebrate, showers, weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. Maybe you want your guests to experience something totally different.

Through the pandemic, we saw couples create untraditional, intimate moments that left their guests in awe. Whether the setting, the decor, the food or the music, people walked away from the experience with a permanent memory of something amazingly different.

If you are planning your wedding, here are some different approaches to consider:

  1. Unique location: Think about a space that is a hidden gem. The space could have a multitude of WOW moments from ceremony to pictures and reception. People may drive into the venue and not know what to expect until they step inside. The element of surprise adds to the excitement of the day.
  2. Non-traditional attire: Why not try a stylish jumpsuit, a chic pant suit or two-piece set. And, it doesn’t have to be white. You can wear any color you desire, even floral. For partners, you don’t have to wear a full suit. Lose the jacket and tie, maybe it’s a pair of shorts. Whatever fits the mood and location, it’s your day, have it your way.
  3. Inclusive wedding parties: Instead of traditional gender roles, invite your closest friends and family members to stand by you, regardless of gender or relationship to you.
  4. Personalized ceremony and vows: Have a friend or family member perform the marital ceremony. Write and exchange vows that reflect your unique story and commitment to each other.
  5. Delicious food choices: Who said you have to serve chicken, steak or salmon? What are some of  your favorite foods and how do you incorporate them into the wedding? Signature cocktails, charcuterie boards, passed hors d’oeuvres, casual buffets, stations, barbecues, food trucks and international fares can be the hit of any event. And don’t forget dessert. Organic popsicles, cotton candy, cookie shooters or a decadent chocolate bar, cake doesn’t have to be the only option.
  6. Play on: Music sets the tone for any event. DJs are great but you could consider a jazz trio, a live band or create your own Spotify list. Teach your guests how to line dance, make them laugh with a stand-up comedian or let them perform with a karaoke machine.
  7. Surprise Wedding: Surprise your guests by hosting a different event. Disguise a birthday party or an engagement party with your actually wedding. These are perfect for people who don’t want to wait to get married or those who want to forgo the stress of planning a more traditional wedding.

Our hope in all of this is that you look at getting married as something that is personal, not necessarily traditional. We want your event to be memorable from the first glance into the venue to the moment you walk out the door saying, “That was the best.”

Grazina Event Space is here to help you achieve all the moments you would like to have on your special day. Weddings are our specialty, especially those who push the envelope and look for something unique and different.